Pool Closings

  • ​Lower water to proper level
  • Blow debris from pool patio
  • Vacuum pool
  • Skim floating debris
  • Brush entire pool
  • Blow water from all lines 
  • Install winter plugs
  • Remove plugs from pumps and filters
  • Remove and clean filter elements and store ​in a dry place for winter
  • ​Add antifreeze to pump, filter and skimmer line
  • Add closing chemicals to pool
  • Install cover and cover pump

If anchors that hold safety cover to deck are in need of replacement, there will an additional charge to replace them. If you own a waterbag cover and waterbags need replacement, there will an additional charge to replace them. We will not replace any parts without your prior consent however we will not be held liable for faulty saftey equipment or for pool owner negligence.

Pool Openings

  • Remove pool cover, clean, treat, fold and store
  • Fill pool to proper operating level
  • Remove plugs from pool and reinstall plugs at filtration system
  • Reinstall filter elements
  • Start up system and inspect filtration system for leaks and proper operation
  • Blow off pool patio of debris
  • Pressure wash coping
  • Clean tiles
  • Skim top of water free of debris
  • Vacuum pool floor and brush entire pool
  • ​Test water chemistry and add start up chemicals
  • Set up and wipe down patio furniture​

LifeLine has no control over mother nature and the elements while your pool was closed and upon completion of your opening. Your pool may require futher cleaning at additional cost on a later date.  It is your responsibility to make sure your water is balanced for safe swimming. Please run filtration system for 48 hours prior to testing water chemistry after pool has been opened.
Equipment Installation and Repair

  • ​Pumps
  • Filters
  • Heaters
  • Heat pumps
  • Salt systems
  • Automation
  • LED Lighting 
  • Plumbing repairs
  • Baby saftey fence
  • Mesh or solid safety covers
  • Vinyl liner replacements
  • Hand rail and ladder replacements
  • Leak detection 
  • Above ground pool installation​
​​Weekly and biweekly full service cleanings include:
  • Surface netting of floating debris
  • Cleaning tile line
  • Vacuum
  • Brush entire pool​
  • Empty all baskets
  • Test and Balance water
  • Empty leaf canister
  • Clean filter
  • Blow off patio
  • Clean coping
  • Check water level
  • Inspect all equipment for correct operation
  • Inspect filtration system for leaks
  • Inspect pool drain covers
  • Email you pictures before and after along with test results and recommendations for repairs if needed each visit
  • Lower water to proper level
Other Services

Pool and Spa Inspections
​Buying or selling a pool property? Let us come and inspect your investment for integrity.
New buyers should be aware of potential hazards and other very costly repairs before buying

Calcium Removal
Do you have white calcium deposits on your pool tiles or fountains?
​We can remove these with a non-invasive procedure

Pressure Cleaning​
Pool patio pressure washing

Hot Tub Repair and Maintenance
Proud Dealer of Radiant pools
LIfeline pool and spa offers only the best of Above Ground or Semi Inground swimming pools that carry a 100% full lifetime transferrable warranty. Just click on link to learn more.

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